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Cleanroom and Laboratory Protection

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There is nothing more frustrating to a scientist than having weeks or months worth of work or an entire batch of sensitive semiconductor products ruined because someone was careless. To make sure that all the members of your team do their part in protecting the work or products, it is important to make sure that they have the tools they need to take the necessary precautions. Specialty Optical knows the importance of safety protocol and equipment, and we are proud to carry essential equipment for your lab. In this week’s blog, we’ll look at electrostatic discharge (ESD) control equipment and cleanroom cleaning supplies. With lab safety equipment from Specialty Optical, your team will have the proper tools to keep your important work safe.

Static Control

Many laboratories rely on ESD tools to control electrostatic discharge that could otherwise ruin research or product manufacturing. We carry many lab safety equipment products to help you in these efforts. There is a surprising number of products that all work toward the goal of controlling ESD and protecting your valuable work. We’ll look at just a few here.

Personal ESD Tools

  • We carry four styles of heel straps, wrist straps, personal static control wrist strap tester probes, and several monitoring systems, including the tester without a computer interface.
  • For mobile workspaces, we carry the Field Service Kit that enables your technicians to do their sensitive work on the go. It comes with a static dissipative surface, ground cord, wrist cord, wrist strap, and alligator clip. It can also be used as a Faraday cage to transport circuit boards and static sensitive parts.
  • In ESD sensitive areas, every detail needs to be attended to, and this includes the handling of documents. Be sure to use the Anti-Static Sheet Protector - Document Holder with Grommet.

Tester without Computer Interface

  • There is no need to pay for features you don’t need with this independent heel and wrist strap tester. The wearer of the heel strap simply stands on the floor pad, and the strip tester will do its job.The tester also works for wrist straps, and both heel and wrist straps can be tested simultaneously. The meter will clearly display a pass or fail status with corresponding colored lights and a buzzer.
  • This tester conforms to both US and European CECC standards and specifications. It accepts domestic and foreign wrist straps, plugs, 4mm or 10mm snaps, and dual stereo plugs. The CT-8700 individually and simultaneously tests each wrist strap and heel grounder resistivity value in less than 3 seconds. All CT-8700 Series meters come with a 1-year warranty.

ESD Lab Protections

  • The first line of defense is awareness. To call attention to areas where extra ESD awareness are necessary, use Aisle Warning Tape of ESD Areas. This self-adhesive tape lets you warn your employees or students that they are entering a sensitive area.
  • To keep your cleanroom free from ESD, use Cleanroom CGT Conductive Grid Tape. This special tape is made from a special polypropylene and layered with a non-sparking, anti-static surface on the inner and outer layers of the tape. Conductive grids are embedded between the two anti-static layers. This tape provides an effective static shield as well as preventing static build-up.

Keeping Particulates at Bay

Equal to ESD in its ability to destroy research results and sensitive semiconductor products, particulates can cause terminal faults in electronics and render scientific research unusable. Whether they are skin flakes, dust particles, metal specks, mold, or bacteria, particulates must be minimized in a laboratory or cleanroom environment. We carry the equipment you need to keep your laboratory or cleanroom up to your industry’s prescribed standard.

Premoistened cleaning pads, such as the OpticPad Optical Surface Cleaning Pad, are essential tools in a variety of industries. These are specially manufactured, disposable, lint-free, pre-saturated with high-quality solvent, and designed for cleaning and polishing optical grade surfaces. Clean items such as front and back surface mirrors, microscope lenses, magnifying glasses, optical sensors, and safety goggles without fear of tiny specks of paper or solvent being released into the air to later land on your work or semiconductor products.

To make sure every surface is up to the levels of cleanliness that your laboratory or cleanroom demands, use the Bulk TOC Cleaning Validation Kit of 72 Samples. Manufactured by Texwipe, a leading cleanroom supply manufacturer, this kit enables you to work in an organized, compact way to collect and store samples. This kit is designed to not contribute to any contamination issue through quality materials and methodology. Included in this kit are Texwipe swabs, vials, labels, and a container/box.

When you need to ensure laboratory or cleanroom standards are kept high, give your team the great tools they need by shopping for laboratory safety equipment at Specialty Optical. We carry a large variety of safety equipment and tools, as well as general lab equipment.