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Meiji Microscopes from Specialty Optical

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When you are shopping for laboratory supplies, there is no better place to shop than Specialty Optical. We carry the supplies you need and the brands you prefer. In this week’s blog, we’ll feature some of the essential lab equipment you may be looking for. Many fields rely on microscopes for everyday work and long-term observation of research projects. You need microscopes that offer you the functions that are essential and that work well every time. Reliability, sturdiness, and functionality are just some of the qualities that Meiji microscopes are known for.


You can’t do your work if you don’t have the right equipment and if your work requires data obtained through the use of a microscope, you need to be sure you are working with the best ones on the market. We carry microscopes for a wide variety of uses, including biological, gemological, metallurgical, polarizing, and stereo. We carry professional microscopes and student microscopes. No matter the type, scale, or nature of your laboratory, Specialty Optical has the microscopes that will enable you to do your work.

Meiji Cell and Tissue Culture Microscopes

  • To properly examine cell and tissue cultures, inverted microscopes are used. These microscopes have the light above the sample and the objectives, or the optical element, situated below the sample. This allows you to view the bottom of samples effectively, as is done with cell and tissue samples.
  • Our Meiji Cell and Tissue Culture microscopes are modular, versatile, and ergonomic. They have the high-resolution Meiji ICOS fluorescence, phase contrast, and brightfield optics.
  • ICOS, or infinity corrected optics, allow other elements, such as illuminators and polarizers, to be added to the tube length with only minimal loss to focus quality.

Embryo Microscopes

  • Whether you are in academic research, biomedical research, or actively working in the assisted reproduction field, you know that accuracy is never so important as when dealing with embryos.
  • Meiji EM Microscopes are rugged and have a highly functional design that makes them perfect for laboratory work involving embryos.
  • These EM microscopes provide zoom optics with maximum flexibility in both sizing and imaging the embryo.
  • The light source in these microscopes is set physically apart from the specimen so you can fully illuminate it without fear of the heat from the light source cooking the embryo.
  • Other options that Specialty Optical offers can be chosen to meet your specific laboratory needs.
  • One option we offer is cool LED lighting with the Model PKL Pole Stand.
  • Another option that is popular with bovine and equine industries is incorporating an EMZ-8TR stereo microscope with 10x eyepieces.
  • The BD Pole Stand is a fiber optic light source with light guide and focusing lens with a video camera attached to the microscope's trinocular tube (monitor not included). This model also has a built-in port in the focus block for cool, incident lighting and has rugged cast alloy construction for stable operation.
  • When you need the brightest light available, turn to our compound microscopes such as the MT5000 Series. These microscopes have computer-aided design, ergonomically designed controls, comfortable Siedentopf viewing controls, and offer you a choice of lighting sources including halogen or LED, brightfield, darkfield, and phase contrast observation modes.

Whether you are looking for student or professional lab work microscopes, or need replacement parts for these microscopes, Specialty Optical is the lab equipment supplier to turn to for variety and quality.