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Zoom Macro


1337.png  The Zoom 7000 is a close-focusing macro video lens which is versatile and specifically designed to be used in applications where objects over 1" in diameter must be imaged. It offers unsurpassed clarity and parfocal zoom capabilities and is compatible with cameras 2/3" or smaller.

The Zoom 7000 is ideal for quality assurance, biomedical imaging, or assembly applications where an easy-to-view, sharp and true-to-life magnified image of your product can mean the difference between a shippable, top-quality end product and a costly manufacturing failure.

- Working distance 5" to infinity.
- Parfocal over entire zoom range.
- Highest mag. 1.1X at 5" (at camera).

  Part Number Description Link
navitarver.png   ZOOM 7000    18-108 mm with manual zoom, focus and iris Product Link
  ZOOM 7010    8.5-90 mm manual macro zoom lenses with manual focus and iris, 2.5 f-stop Product Link
  ZOOM 7000E    12.5 -75 mm with manual zoom, focus and iris Product Link
  1-11736    Zoom 7000 Locking Sleeve Product Link
  1-11898    18-108 mm Bayonet Mount Zoom Lens (3CCD Camera) Product Link
  1-19847    76 mm Adapter Plate for Zoom 7000 Product Link

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