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Biological Microscopes by Meiji Techno

Meiji Techno currently offers eight different series of upright compound biological (transmitted light) microscopes to meet the needs of hobbyists and elementary school teachers to university professors and life science professionals. For inverted biological microscopes, please look at our latest TC Series Inverted Biological Microscopes with epi-fluorescence. Each of these lines: MT4000, MT5000, MT6000 and TC Series are made up of several standard models and models with different options or feature sets.



MT4000 Series

This entry level MT still has all new CAD designed frame and Plan optics with all of the advantages and features of a professional microscope. Your choice of LED Illumination or true Koehler 30W halogen illumination. The MT4000 Series is perfect for day-to-day use in the laboratory or university classroom.

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MT5000 Series

The MT5000 features all new infinity corrected U.Plan optics, F.N.22 super widefield eyepieces and your choice of LED Illumination or true Koehler 30W halogen illumination. The MT5000 Series is also perfect for day-to-day use in vet and doctor's offices as well as laboratories and universities.

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MT6000 Series

The same high quality, dependability, and options of the MT5000 Series with epi-fluorescence. The MT6000 Series is also perfect for day-to-day use in laboratories or universities.

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TC5000 Series Inverted

Meiji Techno's latest inverted biological microscopes are the TC5000 Series which comes in either binocular and trinocular with brightfield, phase contrast and epi-fluorescence models.

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