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Meiji MC-50 Trinocular Measuring Microscope

  • Meiji MC-50 Trinocular Microscope Kit
  • Meiji MC-50 Trinocular Microscope Kit
  • Meiji MC-50 Trinocular Microscope Kit

Product Description

Meiji MC-50 Trinocular Microscope Kit

Meiji Techno Co., Ltd. is the third-largest manufacturer of optical microscopes and microscope components in Japan. In 1964, Azuma Optics Co., Ltd. was founded as a contract manufacturer of microscopes and quickly established a reputation for high quality and fast delivery. In 1975, the company reformed into Meiji Techno Co., Ltd. and began selling microscopes directly to the public under the name Meiji Tecomponentschno.


Instructions: This microscope kit is sold as one complete package. Located at the bottom of the page are optional accessories you may add to your kit. If you require any help with building your kit, please contact us.

MC-50 Detailed Breakdown of ALL Parts INCLUDED
(Includes All Three X-Y-Z Digimatic Indicators)

Viewing Head

MA655/05 Erect image trinocular head with depolarizer


MA406 DIN HWF 10X widefield eyepiece, FN: 18
MA413CF Focusing eyepiece HWF10X-F with cross-line reticule and guide pin

Plan Infinity Corrected Objectives

MA870 Plan Epi Objective M5X, NA 0.10, W.D. 20mm, F.N. 24
MA871 Plan Epi Objective M10X, NA 0.25, W.D. 7.48mm, F.N. 24
MA872 Plan Epi Objective M20X, NA 0.40, W.D. 5.20mm, F.N. 24
MA873 Plan Epi Objective M50X, NA 0.75, W.D. 0.38mm, F.N. 24


MA806 Infinity corrected vertical Koehler illuminator, focal length 200mm, with sliding rotatable polarizer. Filter Set: Blue Clear, Green Clear, Neutral Density ND8 and Polarizing filters in metal mounts. Port to accept FL150/12 flexible 36" (914.4mm) single arm fiber optic light guide.
FL150/12 Flexible 36" (914.4mm) single arm fiber light guide for MA806.
FL150/50 Focusing lens for FL150/12.
FL150/115 Light source: 115V, 50-60Hz halogen lamp, 21V 150W.

Focus Block

FU-1010 Coaxial coarse and fine focus block with quadruple ball bearing nosepiece


MAC-11 Heavy Duty stand with pillar and mounting bracket. Diameter of pillar: 38mm, Height: 432mm, Base: 300 x 300 x 25mm


MA728 Reflected light measuring stage: 150mm x 150mm with  50mm x 50mm X-Y movement with mounting brackets for digital micrometer heads

Digimatic Indicators

*MTI164-164 (2) Mitutoyo Digimatic Indicator for X-Y axis movement. Range: 50mm (2") (each) (PDF)
MTI543-392 Mitutoyo Digimatic Indicator (lug back) for Z axis movement. Range: 12.7mm (0.5") (PDF)
MA721 1.5" (38mm) Extension Rod for Z axis digital indicator, stem diameter 3/8" (required)
MA807 Mounting bracket for digital "Z" axis indicator (required)

*Kit includes/requires 2


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